The Best Italian Leather Sofa Brands in 2018

best-leather-sofa-brands-2018-300x270 Sofa Brands   Finding the perfect leather sofa is as satisfying as finding your significant other. There is something so down-to-earth and familiar about a leather sofa that will make your house look cosier immediately. Even if you are into modern and contemporary design there is sure to be a model that will fit your home.

Leather sofas are not just comfortable, they are quite a luxury, too. It can be an expensive investment, but buying a good leather sofa is almost a guarantee that you will have that piece of furniture for decades to come. Leather resists wear and tear, spills, stains, scratches, and it is like wine, better with age. It will become softer and suppler with use, which will, in turn, make it more comfortable.

Cleaning a leather sofa is also an easy task. Use a damp cloth to remove spills, and a vacuum cleaner or a duster to get rid of dust and pet hairs that accumulate in the crevices. There are products specially made for leather upholstery, so make sure to use them when you want to do an in-depth cleaning, and stay away from silicone or wax polishes.

Are you worried about the price? If so, the best advice is to think of it as an investment and to remember that a leather sofa will usually last much longer than a fabric sofa would, if you take good care of it.

Is the brand important when choosing a leather sofa?

“What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” There is no denying that we implicitly trust brand names as more reliable, a higher quality. If there were two exact versions of the same sofa, one of them under a known brand name and the other a generic one, and if they had the same price on the tag, chances are we would buy the brand name.

On the other hand, in the years after the financial crisis of 2008 the average person has become more conscious of spending habits, and now it is normal to think about spending less without sacrificing quality.

The same principle applies to leather sofas. While there are amazing brands out there; if you dig deep enough you can find perfectly adequate leather sofas, usually manufactured by small shops, but with a level of craftsmanship that rivals even the most renowned brands.

Our advice is to think about a leather sofa as you would think about a piece of clothing you intend to use for a long time: get the best quality, no matter the name.

Can I still expect quality from an unknown brand?

Absolutely! As we mentioned before, there are small manufacturers that can come up with incredibly beautiful and high-quality leather sofas that will satisfy even the most obnoxious snob out there. They are usually artisans dedicated to working with leather and work with a team of people to make unique leather sofas only.  Unfortunately, the work of leather smiths is falling out of practice, so it’s not an easy task to find them. You can find here a selection of the top-rated leather sofas currently selling in the US, from world-famous brands, independent designers and up and coming retailers.

Our selection of the best 10 Leather Sofa Brands of 2018

1 – American Eagle Furniture

American-Eagle-Furniture-300x169 Sofa Brands   Olivia Minimal Living Room Bonded Leather Upholstered Sofa

American Eagle Furniture uses the finest Italian leather to offer a large range of sofas and loveseats made from high-quality materials and beautiful upholstery. As you can imagine, this is a US brand, all pieces are made in Southern California and it’s been so for the last 16 years since the company creation in 2002. For stylish but affordable leather pieces, look no further. Shop American Eagle Furniture >

2 – Ashley Furniture

Ashley-Furniture-300x151 Sofa Brands

Derwood Contemporary Leather Cushioned Sofa

It’s not real leather, but this brand is a great favourite in North America, especially if you have a limited budget. A family-owned business, their goal is to provide high-quality furniture at affordable prices. They offer lovely sofas upholstered in DuraBlend®, a high-quality faux leather that gives you all the perks at a lower cost. Shop Ashley Furniture >

3 – Divano Roma Furniture

Divano-Roma-Furniture-300x188 Sofa Brands

Modern Tufted Bonded Leather Sleeper Futon Sofa

Using high-quality Italian leather, Divano Roma creates modern leather sofas at an affordable price in all colours and shape. The durable bonded leather upholstery look is often completed with a hardwood frame and chrome finish metal legs to give your living room an effortless sense of chic. The perfect choice if you’re on a budget but still seek a good mix of quality, comfort and style. Shop Divano Roma Furniture >

4 – Baxton Studio

Baxton-Studio-e1542183908765-300x240 Sofa Brands   Stratham Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Another North American furniture company with an unparalleled dedication to their craft, Baxton Studio, based in Chicago, designs high-quality leather furniture. Encased in many different types of leather available in a myriad of colours to suit even the most exclusive tastes. The impeccable finishes make this brand a favourite among leather sofa enthusiasts. Shop Baxton Studio >

5 – Casa Andrea Milano

Casa-Andrea-Milano-300x188 Sofa Brands

MidCentury Modern Plush Leather Living Room Sofa

This brand is a great favourite in North America, especially if you have a limited budget. A family-owned business, their goal is to provide high-quality furniture at affordable prices. They offer lovely sofas upholstered in amazing leather, hardwood frames and comfortable cushions. Shop Casa Andrea Milano >

6 – Flash Furnitures

Flash-Furnitures-e1542184445849-300x209 Sofa Brands
Hercules Imperial Series White Leather Sofa

From classic 3-seater sofas to modern loveseats, Flash Furnitures has it all. They pride themselves on their product specialization which allows them to offer everything at the best possible prices, which they can do by using bonded leather to upholster their piecesShop Flash Furnitures >

7 – Global Furniture USA

Global-Furniture-USA-300x206 Sofa Brands

Bonded Leather Sofa with Chrome Base

Founded in 1998 in East Brunswick,  Global Furniture USA works with leading retailers to provide amazing leather furniture with the best materials to create unique pieces of the highest quality.  With its long-standing relationships with the right suppliers. Global Furniture is able to offer leather pieces to all price points. Shop Global Furniture USA >

8 -Homelegance

Homelegance-300x153 Sofa Brands

Upholstered Sofa, Black Bonded Leather Match

Another great option for those who are on a tight budget, Homelegance offers delightful designs upholstered with bonded leather, and their sofas are made to withstand long periods of use. Perfect for those who are looking for their first sofa. Shop Homelegance >

9 – HOMES: Inside + Out

HOMES-Inside-Out-300x208 Sofa Brands

Esme Recliner Transitional 2 Loveseat

A brand which started with the vision to be a place for everything home, HOMES Inside + Out is committed to providing only the best, making it one of the top leather brand in the United States. Shop HOMES: Inside + Out >

10 – VIG Furniture

VIG-Furniture-e1542185890603-300x116 Sofa Brands

Modern Grey Eco-Leather Sectional Sofa

Inspired by European design, comfort and design come together in the pieces built by VIG Furniture. The brand offers a range of mid to high-end contemporary furniture known for its great design, its functions and affordable pricing. Shop VIG Furniture >

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You can also look directly for the long collection of leather sofas from some of these brands on Amazon.

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