How To Choose A Sofa / Couch Under $200 In 2018

Screen-Shot-2017-03-02-at-9.04.32-PM-300x192 Sofas On A Budget   Cannot spend thousands of dollars on a luxury sofa? Well, most of us can’t either! But, really, finding sofas for less than 100 or 200 dollars is actually not an insurmountable problem, there are options out there for those who are on a tight budget.

As you might have imagined, buying a couch is not as easy as buying a TV or a blender. it requires certain considerations such as the space it will be put in, the traffic of the area, suitable materials to withstand use and the passing of time, as well as the style you want for the room. And let us not forget about the cost, which is an important aspect to keep in mind.

There are several tips to find a good deal – we’ll discuss some of those in your article as well as a selection of the best sofa under 200 dollars you can find online today. That said, you need to have realistic expectations on what you’ll be getting for that price point.

Buying a couch on a budget

The first thing you have to do is determine how much you can spend, and it’s even better if you think about buying a sofa not as an expense but as an investment in your lifestyle.

Next, you want to think about the purpose of this future acquisition: Is this couch going to be used for watching television and lounging around? Will people be sleeping on it? Do you want something that looks nice for that room you never actually use buy only pass by?

You have to think about sizes and materials, too. If you have a small living room you don’t want to spend your money on something that will be too big for your space, or heaven forbid, that you can’t even bring into the house! Measuring your space is a must, and you can use masking tape to plan the layout of your furniture. Materials are important as well and you will have to think about your pets and children, if you have them, and choose easy-to-clean and durable upholstery.

Something to remember is that new furniture releases occur in Spring, so February is a good time to find great bargains, because shops are clearing their showrooms to make space for the new collection. And if you want to get even lower prices, don’t be afraid to haggle for a discount!

Last, but definitely not least, is the cost of transportation. It wouldn’t do to find a great sofa for an incredible price, and then have that ruined by transportation costs that equal or even surpass the cost of the couch itself, so make sure to check it as soon as you see something you like.

Once you have done all of that, it is time to go shopping!

What can I expect from a cheaper sofa?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that in the instance of buying cheap things, whether clothes, technology or furniture, you get what you paid for, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you will spend 200 dollars and your sofa will be broken in six months, but you can’t expect it to be with you for the next twenty years either.

There are poorly made couches out there and you should be careful when committing to one because if you’re on a tight budget you have to spend your money wisely. So take your time, do your research, and look at different options before making your final choice.

If you take your time looking and trying different sofas and take care of the one you finally get you could end up with a couch that will easily last up to 3, even 5 years, but not much more than that.

Our selection of the top 10 Best Sofas / Couches under 200 $

1 – Sofa Futon Couch by DHP

1-300x158 Sofas On A Budget

Trendy yet classic at the same time, this beautiful and sleek sofa will be a great addition to a modern or even neutral living room. With a design that allows going from a trendy sofa to a comfy bed in seconds, this sofa under 200 dollars is great for sitting, taking a nap, or spending your evening watching your favorite series on the TV. It is also ideal for guests, as the soft black faux leather upholstery and super comfortable memory foam filling make for great rest.

The design of this couch is minimalist and can be decorated with colorful throw pillows and cushions to make it stand out. The frame is made of metal, supported by sturdy stainless steel legs and can hold up a maximum weight of 600 lbs. It’s the perfect addition to a smaller room as its sleek lines and compact yet cozy structure won’t add unnecessary bulk and it’s modern yet neutral look will look great with any contemporary style of decoration.

2- Two Tone Velvet Two Seat Sofa by Divano Roma Furniture

2-e1488725405461-300x157 Sofas On A Budget

A beautiful, two seat large sofa with a strong and robust hardwood frame, upholstered in a soft velvety fabric in two colors, this is comfort at its most accessible price. Five sturdy legs support an easy to assemble structure and the cushions are filled with high-density foam to retain their shape. It includes two accent pillows to add to the coziness of the couch. It is very easy to assemble, make sure to put the collapsed foam cushions inside the covers before they expand, to guarantee a perfect fit and not have them lose their shape. A great sofa under 200 dollars, perfect for spending a nice afternoon with a book and a cup of tea!

3 – Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise by Divano Roma Furniture

3-e1488725436735-300x155 Sofas On A Budget

Modern and sleek, big enough to sit and rest comfortably but compact enough for smaller spaces, this sectional sofa with a reversible chaise lounge is upholstered with a soft fabric that comes in a wide variety of colors. A strong hardwood frame to ensure durability, with plush cushions and two extra throw pillows for more comfort, this sectional is easily configurable, as the chaise lounge can be switched to either side to fit your room.

4 – Modern Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise Lounge by Divano Roma Furniture

4-e1488725099486-300x178 Sofas On A Budget

With a design that throws you back to 1950’s, this beautiful sectional sofa consists of a hardwood frame and the upholstery comes in a quilted stitching fabric in a variety of colors. Like the previous model, the chaise lounge can also be configured to either side of the couch. The filling is in high-density foam to ensure the cushions hold their shape over time, and they are dense enough to give a good deal of support. The stitched upholstery makes it look even cozier; add the cushions and throw pillows and you and your guests will never want to switch places. Does the phrase “this is my spot” ring any bells? Because that will be your motto, too!

5 – Delaney Splitback Futon by DHP

5-300x164 Sofas On A Budget

Modern and supremely functional, this compact futon style sofa is perfect for any room, and an excellent choice if you have guests overnight. It is a low sofa, sitting close to the ground, and can double as a guest bed. The back is split, which allows for setting different levels of inclination depending on what you are doing. Do you want to sit and have coffee with your neighbor? Keep it vertical. Do you want to snuggle and watch a movie with your significant other? Maybe change the inclination angle for added comfort. Are you planning on a video game marathon? You bet there is the perfect angle for that, too, and the best part is that each side of the back of the couch is independent of the other, so while one part remains in one position the other can be adjusted. Functional, you said? We say awesome!

6 – Velvet Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise by Divano Roma Furniture

6-e1488725162646-300x163 Sofas On A Budget

Another switchable sectional sofa, this one comes upholstered in a soft, velvety fabric in a variety of different colors. The hardwood frame is robust enough to support up to 500 lbs of weight, and plush cushions and throws pillows also upholstered with the same velvet fabric complete the set.

As with other models mentioned before, the chaise lounge can be placed on either side of the couch, and its comfortable size is perfect for rooms on the smaller side, being a perfect piece for a small apartment living room or a studio room.

7 – Convertible Sofa Bed by Merax

7-e1488725234352-300x180 Sofas On A Budget

A functional sofa that can easily turn into a bed, this sofa comes with removable armrests that can be turned into pillows for your guests. Made with a solid, kiln-dried hardwood frame and webbed springs covered with high-density foam for added comfort, the couch sits on chromed legs and it is upholstered in faux leather for a modern and contemporary look. It can easily hold up to 440 lbs and seat up to 4 people. Great for a TV room, a living or even an office, the elegant and chic looks of this sofa bed will draw the eye of everyone!

8 – Convertible Futon Sofa by DHP

8-e1488725518723-300x169 Sofas On A Budget

Another perfect example of a mix of design, comfort and functionality, this is a beautiful sofa in a futon style. It is built on a solid hardwood frame, with legs made of chromed stainless steel and rubber ends to avoid scratches on your floor. It is upholstered in a beautiful linen fabric in a practical gray color, which is perfect if you have children or pets in your home, as stains or dirt will not be easily noticeable, and the fabric is very easy to clean. It can hold a maximum weight of 600 lbs and easily sits three to four people. In addition, it can be turned into a bed for guests, or for lounging around in your free time. Add some colorful throw pillows and you will make this beautiful couch the star of your living room!

9 – Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa by Divano Roma Furniture

9-e1488725298348-300x159 Sofas On A Budget

An exquisite design for a modern room, this beautiful and stylish sectional sofa comes upholstered in bonded leather of the highest quality and filled with comfortable foam to ensure durability and comfort for years to come and withstand heavy use. Leather is a sumptuous material and it instantly makes furniture more expensive than it already is, so this is a great option to make an inexpensive piece look like a million dollars. This couch is also easy to configure to fit any room, as the chaise lounge can be placed on either side. Easy to put together with the included instructions, you can enjoy this couch in either black or white, with its chromed stainless steel legs to support up to 600 lbs of weight.

10 – Two-Tone Convertible Sofa Sleeper by Divano Roma Furniture

10-e1488725565337-300x178 Sofas On A Budget

Perfect little sofa for small spaces, this delightful model is also a sleeper sized as a twin XL bed, perfect for your guests to sleep comfortably. The frame is made of strong hardwood and the cushions and body are filled with high-quality memory foam. Upholstered with specially selected fabrics and with a contrasting trimming to enhance and emphasize the beautiful lines of the couch, this is a stylish, modern, functional and fun addition to a room.

Which was your favorite? Have you found such a bargain before? What would you take into consideration when choosing a sofa under 200 dollars? Let us know in the comments!

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